GPL-8 Opening Ceremony

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As the heavenly Sun was going to set on 24TH Mar, 2018, the Sun of Gurukul Premier league again came to the horizon of world of cricket with the grand opening ceremony at 8 pm on the terrestrial land of SGVP. In the auspicious presence of holistic presence of P.P. Purani Shri Balkrishnadasji Swami, Vice President, SGVP and reverend saints, Shri Bimal Jadeja, Ex. Saurastra Ranji Captain, Shri Sudhir Tanna, Ex. Saurastra Ranji Captain, Mr. Harvik Desai, U-19 India World Cup-2018 Team Player, Gurukul Premier League, GPL -8, All India Open Night Cricket Tournament was open. A total of 3200 cricketers of 200 teams from Delhi, Haryana, U.P., Rewa, Indore-M.P., Chennai-Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, Mumbai-Maharastra and major cities of our state will display their talent on turf/Astro turf wicket in leather ball & tennis ball categories in lush green high mast lit ground for 79 days. pls find the atteched file for GPL-8 (Gurukul Premier League) Match Report on 24-03-2018.

SGVP campus. In this tournament, the total 42 teams have participated (30 plate group teams knock-out basis & 12 Elite group teams league round basis) in this leather ball category & 96 team have participate in this tournament.

Power Ranger-A’bad defeated Sindhi Yuva Cricket Club-A’bad by 74 runs in opening match of the leather ball tournament.

irst day first match between Power rangers v/s Sindhi Yuva Cricket Club.

First match dharm chandrola take first hat-trick in this match.




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