About Us

Our Mission

Study, sports and spirituality is our mantra. We strongly believe that what humanity needs is a human and progressive culture on the earth, where spiritualism, scientific development and sports developments go hand in hand.

Today's citizen wants a culture based on the principles of love, tolerance, brotherhood and desire to grow to move forward. We affirm that sports is one of the right paths to achieve today's ultimate need of the people. By organizing sports events, we can surely bring the hearts of the people of this world very close. Also, in this age of stressful life, tyranny, unemployment, poverty and terrorism, sports will bring every one on one platform without the bias of cast, creed, nationality, region and religion and world will have common heroes in each field.

Our Vision

India being the second largest democracy in the world and having more than 125 crores of population remains in the center of the expectation from all over the world. This expectation can be met by the confluence of study, sports and spirituality and with more emphasis put on sports pillar.

In India, many players do not find the true platform to prove their talent. The sports facility including coaches provided also fall short to their requirement.

We aim at providing conducive environment, dedicated coaching and ground facility to sportsmen of different sports, bring out the talent and become a source of sports excellence for next generation.